Poetry from "My Wedding with Truth"

March 21, 2016


I won’t know yet

until the sun brings up its face.

As it lightens up the dew,

I turn into the rainbow.


I am but these flowers in my garden

dancing to the musical winds around them.

I am nothing, yet I am here.

I was nowhere, yet I am now here.


In the very beginning of time,

when nothing was yours or mine,

came a small little ego.

It has made me suffer ever since; through.


I wander and hunt.

With my own creation I confront.

Hiding the 'self' in a hole,

I separate it from my very own soul.


I am deep desire inside you heart,

burning down and knocking hard.

I am here, for I was meant to be.

You forgot me? How could that be?


In and around, all day long,

gushing and rushing, all these sounds

take me away, away from You

and I yearn, for a moment of silence, with You.


Was blind couldn't see You.

Was deaf couldn't hear You.

And now when I want to yell

my tongue seems to have gone mute—

muted by my actions

that my voice cannot reach You.

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