True Success

March 21, 2016

For all those who bought my book I have brought some blessings for all of you. Please read further.


Short Story:


All the royalties for the month of September donated to "Ms Beautiful Hands", and she sends love and blessings to all those involved.


Long Story:


While I was writing my first book - “My Wedding With Truth”, I thought of what will I do with the money I make. I am a big fan of Mother Teresa, and I wrote it down on my notepad that all the royalties will be donated in the name of Mother Teresa. I searched for various charity organizations, but could not decide on a single one. Then a few days back I heard the following story in one of the audio recordings of Dr. Wayne Dyer. In his words:


I recall my friend Pat McMahon, a talk show host on KTAR radio in Phoenix, Arizona, telling me about his encounter with Mother Teresa in his studio before interviewing her for his Program. He pleaded with her to allow him to do something for her, to get publicity for her home in Calcutta or even to raise money, while Mother Teresa kept on declining his offers. “Anything at all,” he begged. I’d just like to help you in some way.” She looked at him and said, “Tomorrow morning get up at 4:00 A.M. and go out on the streets of Phoenix. Find someone who lives these and believes that he’s alone, and convince him that he’s not.”


Dear Mother Teresa, I told "Ms Beautiful Hands" today that she is not alone, I gave her my book which will guide her in every way to have deep faith in God and also gave her all the royalties I earned for the month of September. I hope I made you proud.


With pain in her eyes and smile on her face, "Ms Beautiful Hands" works tirelessly for hours in a preschool located in Fremont, California. She cooks for kids, does laundry, and washes the dishes. I run into her everyday and get inspired by her amazing stamina. She probably has never spent any money on herself for the sake of pleasure. This amount donated to her did bring a giant smile on her face and she sends many blessings to all those who are involved in it.Thank you to all those who bought the book, thank you for making this happen.


If you haven’t bought my book yet, please buy from here. Do not forget to write a review. Each copy you buy will bring threefold happiness. You will get to know the secrets of witnessing miracles in your life, I will will happy that you read a book that is meant to spread love in this world, and the royalty amount will be donated to bring a smile on someone’s face.


I am,
Nidhi Kaur



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