What am I doing on Earth?

April 15, 2016


Have you ever wondered what are you doing among several million people on this planet earth? What is that differentiates you from the rest? On average, in terms of DNA sequence all humans are 99.5% similar to any other humans. So what is that 0.5% difference? I thought. It’s weird that I never got an answer till now because I was not ready to listen. The answer was always there, it was always being screamed from the top of the lungs but still I was deaf to it. 


As soon as I got my answer I picked up a notebook and pen and started to write up a thank you letter to the one who created me. In my letter I asked for forgiveness for acting like a cold and lifeless human being. Well, it is a different story that the thank you note turned out to be so big that I had to publish a book out of it “My Wedding with Truth”. 


The moment I shared my gratitude with the divine, the creator has been sending me love notes, in different shapes and sizes. These notes, I call them “miracles” are writing up themselves on my notebooks, on walls, on hands, and those look like poetry to me. I am overwhelmed by this miraculous presence that keeps going on and on. I am in love. And this love, as deep as the ocean and as vast as the sky is too hard for me to handle all by myself. I want to spread it around and share it. And that exactly is the reason for me being present on the earth. 


We all need to dig into our souls and hear its wild screams, silent whispers, the burning desires and go take a step towards fulfilling those. Once you take that very first step in the absolutely dark place, you actually put up yourself on the path of true life and true living. 


My love and best wishes to all those who hear that calling from inside. You can get in touch with me and I can tell you my own journey and path, I can guide you, but cannot lead you somewhere. For your path and your journey is yours own to choose. And when you meet your love, please share it around, for that would complete your true purpose on earth.


Be love, spread love and enjoy your existence!


Nidhi Kaur

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