The Real Magician

May 23, 2016



 The story of magic would be incomplete if I do not write about the magician herself. All good things happening in our life are conceived from a good thought in the mind. I have read it several times in the last few days that our thoughts make our reality, and trust me I have already done a PHD on that subject. Well if that thoughts-make-your-reality theory were to be true then I would be sitting in an asylum somewhere, because that is how I think about myself - an insane creature.  I have to remind myself everyday to think good thoughts about my own self. And since I am not in an asylum because of my thoughts then whose thoughts are bringing abundance, joy, and love into my life? Who is this magician in my life? And whose magic is working in your life too?


Your unconditional love  

like warm sunbeams

Lights up my life

In all corners and streets.


The cure of my pains
Is in the touch of your hands

I know dear Mama
You got the magic wand.


Your silent prayers

Are the doorways to miracles

Your gentle heart

Is the guardian of my dreams.


These shiny stars 

That I save in my pocket,

And the glowing crowns 

That adorn my forehead


Have shown up in my life

Because of your blessings.

Oh, my dear Mama

For you did the loving magic.


I ask for your forgiveness 

For all the times I broke your heart.

And I thank and bow to the Creator

For making you my mother.


I love you Mama

The magician of my life!


God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers - Rudyard Kipling.



Nidhi Kaur


P.S. : Share your story of magic with us and we will post it on the blog.





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